At some points people like to be poets to write or to talk. When we travel and take photographs, we only show the beauties of a particular place, but how about our feelings we have experienced exactly at that point, in that special moment when our voice trembles at the peak of our sensation for beautiful scenery? Maybe we should talk then to show how we feel.


Narrator is a Voice Social Network

Not getting unnecessary information such as phone numbers or email addresses from the users: Why should a social network have access to such information about the users? Why not developing a system that will enable us to protect the users more while it still doesn’t have access to such information? To use this social network you don’t need to have access to such information about your users, and you can use your page anytime using any devices only by changing your usernames and passwords.

This social network aims at the bridging of the gap between the cyber and real spaces, the omission of the competition between people and the creation of a kind of sincerity between them. But this process needs to be a slow and measured one to prevent any kind of hastiness or heedlessness in the process. Thank you.

The omission of likes: How much is the concept of liking and conformation meaningful in our real lives? For example, when we talk with our friends on the phone, do we constantly ask for likes or confirmation of our dialogue during or after our talk? For sure, the answer is negative. Then, why should the number of these likes that will finally rush the users of these social networks into competition be important for them? The answer is simple: the possibility of liking something in a cyber space has been a grand mistake from the very beginning, and it should be omitted as soon as possible.

You or some of the users may rightfully have some questions about different parts of this program. However, as a social network, this program’s aim is exactly the improvement of the usual mode and course which has been accepted as the norm by the users of social networks. We believe that the course followed by social networks till now has been the wrong one. The competition launched between the users of these networks has changed them into depressed and forlorn figures rather than happy and vivacious ones; the competition for getting more likes and followers.

The very cause that finally demoralizes the users of these social networks because of their activities in such cyber spaces was the exact thing that pushed us toward the change of this mode. Therefore, we decided to implement some fundamental and seminal changes in social networks to create a different and a more suitable environment for users:

Some of the dialogues would be never erased from our memories and hearts. We should then listen to them, repeat them again and again.


By keeping your personal information as secret, we simply try to make competition a less influential factor in building a social network. We believe true experiences of social ties can be formed through this.
The narrator team hopes to make the world a better place by creating a window through which people feel each other, and by building an atmosphere that inspires friendship and promotes creativity.

We respect the privacy of others and expect you to do the same. We do not require your e-mail address or phone number. This means we cannot access to your electronic addresses. Therefore, please make sure you create your account and save your password. In case you lost your password, you will need to create a new account with a novel password. Please be informed that one may only change his/her username if, and only if, he/she has less than 100 followers. The content and information you share is your property and Narrator simply is a platform.

With thanks
The narrator team

There are times that we would like to read aloud a sentence we have read and highlighted from a book to others.