Voice Based Social Network
Alexa, I Like that Narrator
“Alexa, who publish this post.”
“Alexa, I Like that Narrator”
“Alexa, play my Faviorites narrator posts.”
“Alexa, play Hot Posts.”
Explore the world when you close your eyes and Just ask.
Explore new narrators and search just  with  voice.
easy set-up.
Set up your Alexa device using the Amazon Alexa App.
Go to Settings, then link your Narrator account.
Apple 
“Record voice in 60 secound and share with others”
“Edit your recorded voice”
“Have your own live radio station with unlimited Audiance”
“Explore new narrators and narrations ”
“Explore hot discotions ”
“Check your History when you use of Alexa ”
“Make podcast with other people around the world ”
Narrator is a social media platform based mainly on voice.
We believe the world will be a much better place if people are encouraged to talk with each other with their own voice, and not hide behind texts or pictures.

In Narrator, users are both voice creators and listeners. They create voice by recording and uploading their one-minute voice memos (posts) and they listen by playing streams of voice memos (feeds) that others have created.

Welcome to Narrator